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57. The Alternate 100: Part 2

July 21st, 2014

Continuing their quest to celebrate 100 films that aren't being talked about enough, or at the very least aren't being included on other silly lists, Joe and Ed offer up the next ten films deemed great yet unappreciated enough to be included in the Shot/Reverse Shot Alternate 100.

As with the first installment, there's a nice mix of unheralded works by rightly heralded directors, cult oddities and an all-round appreciation for these Rodney Dangerfields of cinema. (Because they get no regard, no regard at all. No esteem, neither.) There's also some digressions about the rules of making monster movies, New York in the '70s, and a pitch for the most depressing film-to-videogame adaptation of all time. 
You can keep track of what we've talked about so far using this handy Letterboxd list.

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